Region The enchanting scenery of Ionion Beach Camping arouses the interest for short trips and exploration of the nearby region. Start your day fully energized and visit the archaeological sites, monasteries, local markets and the heavenly breathtaking natural scenery.


We present you with some of them:


Ancient Olympia

The birthplace of the Olympic games and the picturesque village of Olympia are located only 60km away from Ionian Beach Camping. The archaeological museum of Olympia is one of the greatest and most important museums in Greece. It exhibits finding of the archaeological site of Olympia and promises to blow away children and adults

Chlemoutsi Castle

The archaeological site of Chlemoutsi Castle is located in Kastro Village, 12km away from Glifa. It is build on the top of a hill, over looking the whole fertile plain of Ileia. It affords a breathtaking view of Zante, Kefalonia and the Ionian Sea.

Ancient Ilis

The ancient city of Ilis – the religious, political and athletic center of the ancient Greek world every 4 years – is besides Olympia the most important archaeological site of the region, in a distance of only 27km. There you can find the archaeological site and the museum of ancient Ilis. Every summer a lot of plays of ancient tragedies and comedies are taking place in the Ancient Theatre


Killini Thermal Baths

The therapeutic springs of the thermal baths are located only 5km away from our facilities. They constitute a consistent attraction for therapeutic tourism in a natural environment which praises wellness. On the site, where the sanctuaries of Asklipios and Aphrodite were located and the Romans chose to build their baths, the visitor can be revitalized by the therapeutic water and mud as well as their fumes, since the thermal baths of Killini are known for remedying asthma through the inhalation of those fumes.


Neda Waterfalls

In a distance of 123km you can find Neda River, the natural border between the districts of Ileaia and Messinia, which is a gem for every nature lover

The Neda crosses a magnificent 32km gorge with narrow passages and waterfalls forming small pools. Some of the parts of the trail have an exceptionally high difficulty index, so appropriate equipment and good planning and coordination are in order.


Monastery of Agia Eleousa

Near the village of Lygia, within a 4km distance, the mi=onastery of Agia Eleousa is located in a deep green gorge. Next to it you can find a cave with stalactites whose waters are considered sacred. The monastery was  build in the 9th century B.C. It took its name from the icon of Virgin Mary found there in an attempt if the residents of the area to ask for her protection